Organizing Tips

Organizing Tip #1: Organizing is a "Cinch By The Inch"
Feeling overwhelmed with a project you’d like to accomplish? Remember it’s a “cinch by the inch & hard by the yard”! Break down the project into a few manageable, prioritized action steps. Then determine how often you’d like to work on it and when. Start with your first action step. Depending on the type of project, you might choose to work on it just 10 – 15 minutes a day until it’s complete. A project like de-cluttering, organizing and filing paperwork is a good one to work on a few minutes a day. For a project like re-organizing the garage or a closet, you may want to set aside several hours at a time. When you begin, SET A TIMER! When the timer goes off, ask yourself if you feel like setting it again and working a little longer. If you do, set it again & keep working. If you don’t, stop and repeat this process the next time you’ve scheduled to work on it. Working on your project this way can shift you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling a sense of accomplishment; and soon your project will be completed!

Organizing Tip #2: De-clutter to Help Someone Else
When you travel do you bring home all those miniature hotel toiletries and then toss them into a drawer? You can help yourself de-clutter as well as help someone else at the same time. Take all those toiletries and sort them into numerous plastic zip top bags. You might decide to put an inspirational quote, a gift card & or a few dollars in each bag. Keep a few bags on the passenger seat of your car, and when you stop at an intersection where someone is standing on the corner holding a sign expressing a need for assistance, roll down your window, smile and give them one of your “gift bags”! Replenish your passenger seat with additional bags until you’ve given them all away!

Organizing Tip #3: Put "Like With Like"
Whenever you organize, put “like with like”. For instance, store all your stationery together in one room in the same storage container such as a file folder, a box or a drawer.The same is true for paper clips, rubber bands, batteries, etc. Then you’ll know exactly where they are without having to look all over the house for them!

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