“Cindy, Thank you so much for the time you spent with me getting a start on organizing my work space. What a gift you have! You made the process seem do-able, relaxed and respectful. You even brought you own labeler and files to the project. But the real gift is your ability to guide without making any judgments about how things got to be the way they are. And you left me with tips and wisdom that can help me move forward more on my own. For me, it seemed that you were the crucial piece in overcoming the obstacle of getting started. Kind of like the ice breaker ships that clear a lane that lets other traffic flow through a frozen region. Since you left, I have continued to do little pieces here and there…. and maintained the organization in the areas we worked on. I will definitely have you back again until I am complete with making functional order out of the small workspace that is my office. With great respect for who you are and what you do”
-Donna S, Entrepreneur

"Cindy is the most thoughtful and caring person you'll ever meet and she is a joy to be around because of her inner light and positive attitude." 
-Adela S

"Cindy meets strangers in the midst of their clutter with a ready smile, an open heart, a confident spirit, and indomitable resolve to bring about a successful outcome. She is just the kind of person I needed... open, fun, nonjudgmental, positive and encouraging! She is impeccable with her approach, but we also had some great laughs along the way. I would encourage anyone who needs help in creating that kind of momentum in their own homes to hire Cindy to lead them to a more peaceful, workable & visually pleasing environment!" 
-Kathryn K, Caregiving Professional

"Cindy is good at understanding what's important to people and helping them devise and implement strategies to achieve their goals. I'm impressed with her attention to detail and her ability to keep track of the details while chasing the bigger goal."
- Dan L, Executive

"I had lived in Denver for 35 years and didn't know where to start and emotionally how to begin the letting go process to prepare for my move. By the time I listed my home for sale, she had staged my closets and rooms; and they were so much more spacious and appealing! I couldn't have done it without her!"
- Lois P

"You have a caring attitude, a good eye for how to make changes and you make practical suggestions in a very easy, fluid way without being pushy. You gave your opinions but ultimately you empowered me to make choices that worked for me."
- Jeff S, Professional Athlete / Entrepreneur

"After 25 years in our home, I became overwhelmed and crowded by unused and forgotten items. Cindy worked alongside me to tackle small areas at a time and was instrumental in removing released items immediately at the end of each appointment. This freed me from the usual stockpiling and eventual re-entry that was so overwhelming; and she donated and found homes for my items where people could really use them!” 
- Cheryl S., Artist

"Cindy assisted us to improve the manner in which we run our business. She designed and implemented many time and money saving ideas and techniques at each appointment.” 
- Colette C, CPA

"Thank you for speaking at our luncheon. I found your remarks uplifting and timely. We are in the process of organizing our Help Desk team and all the subjects you addressed resolved questions we had!" 
- Joe K, IT Manager

“Cindy helped me discard over a year’s worth of junk mail and organize other documents that held me captive with worry and out of my home office. It only took her three sessions, to teach me the strategies of organization. They included re-arrangement, re-order and reconfiguring and the use of acronyms as reminders to assist me. I recommend her for any organizational job. Whether large or small, home or office, Cindy’s skills are more than adequate to meet your needs!”
- Pamela Y, Insurance Professional 

“You were a huge help organizing the move, going through things and setting up my aunt in her new assisted living apartment. Really appreciate that!” 
- Carolyn B, Project Manager

“Cindy is Amazing! What else can I say? She helped me organize my receipts and paper clutter at home and created a system so it doesn't pile up. She has accounting experience and is also helping me learn QuickBooks. What sets Cindy apart is her genuine concern for others. She asks specific questions to get a sense of your needs. We also got a lot accomplished in a very short amount of time.” 
- Carrie S

“Cindy is amazing at planning and organizing! She is sincerely interested in making sure her clients are happy with their results; and she goes “above and beyond” to satisfy them.” 
- Ginny L, Retired

“You effectively communicate and are a wonderful listener, making a person feel heard. You make the tangled and complicated look easy, breaking down large tasks into doable steps…. whatever the challenge.” 
- Leslie P, Entrepreneur

“Cindy is personable, approachable and friendly, making others feel at ease and connecting with them in meaningful ways. She is really good at tasks, figuring out what needs to come first, and what order the other details need to fall in.” 
- Patricia B, Consultant

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